Southwestern & California Landscape, Still Lifes, Abstract Oil Paintings
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Welcome to the website of Tom Thomas, artist. Tom Thomas is an  accomplished fine artist who produces Southwestern & California Landscapes, Genre, Still Life & Abstract Oil Paintings for Sale. His works are held in corporate and private collections from New York City to Carmel, California.

"For this artist there was never a choice. It comes from within and, is mandatory. My objective, as an artist, is to share those perceptions which touch my soul, and to create an experience for the viewer that allows them to reflect upon the beauty of our invironment and our place within it. 

I strive for my works to provide the viewer a window of solace from the distractions and stresses of their everyday life.
Whether it be the beauty of reflected light on a kitchen utensil, or the morning harvest in the wheat fields."

My subjects range from landscapes, and wild life, to abstract images, human figures, urban scenes, and simple still lives; reflecting our daily life experience. Please browse the galleries for examples of my work and more information about each piece. To purchase one of my pieces, please contact me directly via the CONTACT page on this site. Alternatively, contact or visit XANADU in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Tom T.
tom thomas artist